Parker Waichman LLP Fights for Victims of Toxic Substances

Parker Waichman LLP has helped victims of toxic substances for over ten years. The firm’s attorneys work with victims and their families to help them obtain compensation for their injuries, medical costs, pain and suffering. The firm represents victims of many toxic substances including asbestos, benzene, creosote, lead paint, perchlorate, pressure treated wood (arsenic), silica, Teflon, triclosan and welding rod fumes.

Parker Waichman LLP has extensive experience fighting large chemical manufacturers, employers, landlords and other entities responsible for harm caused by dangerous toxins. The firm strongly believes that companies have a responsibility to consumers to test products extensively before producing and marketing them and to adequately warn consumers of potential risks.

Parker Waichman LLP provides a free initial legal consultation for victims of lead paint and other toxic substances. The firm only gets paid if you receive compensation through settlement or trial. Contact Parker Waichman LLP today to explore the legal remedies available to you and your family.  Call 1-800-LEAD-LAW (1-800-532-3529) or fill out our short online form.

Legal Help for Lead Paint Poisoning Victims

Get a free lead paint poisoning consultation today with one of our toxic substances lawyers. We do not take any legal fees unless we win compensation for you through settlement or trial. Call 1-800-LEAD-LAW (1-800-532-3529) or fill out our short online form. If you live in a building constructed before 1978, or if you are renovating an older building, you and your family could be at risk of Lead Paint Poisoning. To learn more about prevention and safety, visit:

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